Expense Cross-Company Approval


Accounts with multiple entities can now assign Approvers from one entity to another. This option will allow your staff from Company A to approve the claims submitted by another staff from Company B, and vice versa.

NOTE: Please contact our Support Team if you require this function.

This is how you can setup cross-company approval for the Expense Module.


In order for this to work, both companies must enable the Share Directory.

Step 1: Log in to Company A.

Step 2: Go to User Admin.


Step 3: Click on settings2.png .

Step 4: Click on share_directory.png .

Step 5: Click on


Enter the company ID for Company B


and click share_directory2.png at the bottom right.

Step 6: Repeat step 1 to 5 for Company B to share the directory to Company A.

Once completed, you should have this updated section in both companies under the Share Directory.


Step 7: To assign a staff from company B as an Expense Approver in Company A, login to Company A.

Step 8: Click on settings.png .

Step 9: Click on company_settings.png go to approvals.png .

Step 10: Click on default_settings.png and the Edit pencil_icon.png icon.

Step 11: To assign a staff from the other company(B), select Specific User.


Step 12: Click the dropdown to choose Company B.


Step 13: Select the staff you want to be the Approver for this level.


Do the same steps for additional approval levels. 

Step 14: Click on apply2.png , and select whether this approval flow will apply to all, or to specific users. 


Click save_changes3.png .


Note: Follow the same steps to assign approvers from the other entities.

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