How to process leave encashment?

In eLeave:
1. Navigate eLeave > Leave Admin > Adjustment.

2. Transfer leave to ePayroll. 

  • Under 'Adjustment Option',select the staff that will be encash-ing their leave.
  • Under 'Adjustment Days', set the number of days to encash.
  • Under 'Leave Type', select the type of leave to encash (i.e, Annual)
  • Under ‘Adjustment Type’ select 'Leave Enchantment (Deduct)'.
  • Click at the bottom of the page to proceed with the leave encashment.

In ePayroll:
1. Navigate to ePayroll > Payroll Admin > Process Leave Items > Process Leave Encashment.

2. Process encashment.

  • Set the filter to ‘Pending’ Records Transferred from eLeave in : ‘~the desired year~’. 
  • Select 'Pending'.
  • Click on the extreme right for the corresponding staff. This will process the leave encashment. The system will then automatically create a new pay element and will credit encashed leaves into their pay when a new payrun is ran for the month.

*Note: Once the encashment is done, the leaves encashed cannot be reverted. Instead a new leave adjustment needs to be done and the encashment pay element needs to be deleted manually from the Employee Pay Information page.

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