How to Process OT?

You can process OT with and without eTimeclock integration.

eTimeClock Integration
1. Navigate to eTimeClock > Administration > Transfer to ePayroll.

2. Select OT period to transfer to ePayroll. (Optional: If you would like to transfer certain staff’s OT information, you can filter accordingly. You can process OT with and without eTimeclock integration.

3. Click to show a preview of what is going to be transferred to ePayroll.

4. Tick the respective staff's checkboxes, then click to confirm the transfer to ePayroll.

5. Next, navigate to ePayroll > Payroll Admin > Process OT > Pending OT (eTimeClock).

6. Click to process specific staff’s OT hours. Click to process all staff’s OT hours. This will process the OT hours for the staff and will credit their OT hours automatically when the payrun is processed.

Without eTimeClock
1. Navigate to ePayroll > Payroll Admin > Process OT > Process OT.

2. Tick the ‘OT Rate Formula’ checkbox if you wish to apply the same formula for all staff. Otherwise you can edit the formula of each staff individually under the ‘OT Hourly Rate’ column if needed.

3. There are 2 methods to input the OT hours for the staff.

Method 1: Input directly on this page.

  • Input the OT hours into the respective columns for the respective staffs here.
  • Once done, click submit_icon.png to save the changes made.

Method 2: Editing in Excel.

  • Click to download and input the OT hours into the template as desired. Save the file in “.csv” format and then close the excel file.
  • Once done, click .


  • Click Choose_file_icon.png, select the edited template, and click .

  • Do the necessary mappings of the headers where needed and click .

  • Double check the mappings and click again to upload the file.
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