How to generate file for CPF submission?

1. Navigate to ePayroll > File Generation > CPF.

2. Generate CPF e-Submission File.1.gif

  • Set the month of CPF Submission.
  • ‘Advice code’ should be ‘01’ unless you’re submitting more than 1 CPF document for the same month.
  • Fill in the CPF penalties, Foreign Worker’s Levy (FWL) penalities and SDL information if any.
  • Click  to initiate the CPF file generation.

6. Once generated, click  or  to verify the CPF contributions.
7. Once verified accurate, download the e-Submission File (), CPF 91 () and CPF 92 () for CPF submission online.

Tip: If the image is too small, right click on the image and select 'open image in new tab'.

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