How to make an IRAS Amendment?

You need to generate the IR8A amendment file only if you have made an IRAS Submission!

1. Navigate to ePayroll > File Generation > IRAS Amendment, select the employee(s) that you need to make amendments for.

2. To make amendments to the values, click on the IRAS Amendment tab. Then key in the DIFFERENCE between your original submission and the new value (e.g.. In the original file, if you have submitted $1500, but the accurate value is only $1000, key in -500).

3. Click at the bottom of the screen to save.

4. To make amendments to the Employee Details (eg. Bonus Declaration Date), click on the tab IRAS Employee Detail Amendment.

5. Click at the bottom to save.

6. Regenerate the IR8A form, remember to set the ‘Batch Indicator’ to ‘Amendment’.

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