How to process a payrun?

Step 1: Generate Payrun


  • Navigate to ePayroll > Process Pay > New Payrun.
  • Under ‘Payrun for’, set the Payrun month.
  • Under ‘Pay Period’, set the pay period. 
  • Under ‘Pay Run Employee Selection Mode’, select the type of employees to run the payrun for. 
  • Under ‘Release Pay Slip’ select immediately after approval. (for manual release, it has to be done in the ‘Payrun Summary’ page - step 4 )
  • Edit the ‘Payroll Period’ & ‘Payment Date’ if necessary.
  • Tick the checkbox ‘Follow Payroll Period’ if OT is paid in the same month of the payrun.
  • Click  to generate the payrun.


Step 2: Verify Staff's Payslip

  • Navigate to ePayroll > Process Pay > Payrun Progress.
  • Click on the corresponding to the payrun that you have just generated.
  • Click on the  for each respective staff to verify their payslip. (recommended)

Step 3: Approve Payslip

  • Click . once you have ensured that all information are accurate.

Step 4: Release Payslip (Manual)

  • Only proceed with this step if your staff did not receive their payslip.
  • Navigate to Payroll > Process Pay > Payrun Summary.
  • Click . to release all payslips. To release specific payslips, select the desired staff then click on .



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