How to release payslip?

There are 3 options for the release of payslips.

1. Manual Release

a. If you chose to release the payslips manually, navigate to Payroll > Process Pay > Payrun Summary.

b. To release all payslips click . To release specific payslips, select the desired staff then click on .

c. If your staff accidentally deletes their payslip, you can resend them by clicking on &/or .

2. Immediately After Approval

a. If the 'Immediately After Approval' option was selected upon submitting the payrun, then once the payslip has been approved, the employees will be able to view their payslips.

3. Select Release Date

a. You can specify the payslip release date upon submitting the payrun. On the selected release date, only approved payslips will be made visible to the employees. If the payslips have not been approved prior to the scheduled date, then it will need to be released manually.

*Tip: you can also send the payslip via email automatically. To do this, refer to the related link below 'My staffs are not receiving their payslips in their email. What do I do?'.

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