How to verify that the tax information is accurate?

1. Navigate to ePayroll > Reports. You will need to generate 2 reports, report 14 & report 18 to do a comparison.

2. Once generated, compare the pay elements from both the reports. If there are missing pay elements in report 18 compared to report 14, some pay elements have not been tagged with a tax reference.

3. There are 2 options to rectify this.

Method 1:
Tag the tax reference to pay element and re-process affected payruns.

Method 2 (Quick Fix):
Credit/ deduct the deficit/ excess amount of cash in the IRAS Opening Balance page respectively. For example, $100 HP allowance is missing in report 18. A quick fix would be to credit the $100 in the IRAS Opening Balance page under the ‘Other Allowances’ column.

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