How to generate APPENDIX 8A (Benefit-In-Kind)?

1. Navigate to ePayroll > File Generation > Appendix 8A.

2. Click on  for the corresponding staff you wish to edit.

3. Fill in the values respectively and click calculate for each individual section to generate the taxable value.

4. Once done, click  at the bottom of the page to proceed to part B.

5. Continue to fill in the values respectively and click for each individual section.  

6. At the bottom of the page, under ‘Total value of benefits-in-kind (ITEMS 2 TO 4)’ click to generate the total value that would be reflected under section d9 in the IR8A form.

7. Click at the bottom of the page to save.

8. Proceed to generate the Appendix 8A under ePayroll > File Generation > Tax Export. Under 'Form/ Export Type' select Appendix 8A. Additionally, generate 'Appendix 8A Export (XML) for IRAS Submission.

*Note: IR8A & Appendix 8A explanatory notes.

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