No Pay Leave deduction not recorded in the payslip.

1. Firstly, we have to do a check on the settings for the ‘No Pay Leave’ leave type. Navigate to eLeave > Leave Setup > Leave Type.

2. Ensure that the ‘No Pay Leave’ checkbox column is ticked for the ‘No Pay Leave’ leave type. Click at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

3. For this fix to work, no pay leaves that were applied prior to this change will still not be reflected in the payslip, thus the admin would have to cancel and delete the no pay leave(s) applied.

4. Re-apply the no pay leave using the block leave function for the affected staff. (refer to the related links for a guide)

5. Delete the affected staff’s payrun, re-process the eLeave Items in ePayroll. Then, reprocess the payrun for the affected staff.

Tip: To check if the system has recorded the No Pay Leave deduction, you can navigate to ePayroll > Payroll Admin > Employee Pay Details. Search and select for the staff to check on and click on the book icon corresponding to the staff’s name. Under ‘Pay Element Name’ ensure that the ‘No Pay Leave’ is recorded as a deduction.

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