The bank’s transaction limit restricts me to uploading just one bank file at one time. How do I go about processing my employee’s pay?

You need to process separate pay runs and generate separate bank files that will fall below the bank’s transaction limit.

1. Reject and delete the current payrun & bank file that doesn’t fall within the transaction limit.

2. Re-process new payruns with fewer staff in each payrun. The number of staff in each payrun should be below the transaction limit. Then approve all of the new payruns.

3. Regenerate the bank files based on ‘Payrun Date (individual)’. Repeat for all of the payruns that you have processed.

4. Upload the bank files.

*Tip: Segregate and process the payruns according to their departments. It will be easier to remember which staff’s payrun you have processed and which bank files have been generated.

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