How to enable next year's Public Holiday Calendar?

To allow employees to apply to start applying for next year’s leave correctly, do update the Public Holiday list.


  1. Go to eLeave> Leave Setup> Public Holiday

  2.  Once in the Public Holiday page, click on List View on the right hand side.


3. Click on the Arrow to switch the view to ‘Public Holidays 2018 ‘ list.



  1. The next step is to save the List of Public Holidays for the year 2018. To do this, click on the Pencil Icon.


  2. If you are satisfied with the list, click on ‘Save Changes’. The system will now prompt you that the Public Holidays for 2018 has been saved into your system.



  1. If you would like to add a new or special Holiday event. Click on the ‘Add Holiday’ Button on the top right hand side.



  1. If you would like to remove a Public Holiday, click on the Bin Icon next to the Holiday name.

  2. If you have performed Steps 6 or 7, please repeat Step 5.
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