How do I delegate limited admin rights to staff?

1. Navigate to ePayroll > Payroll Setup.

2. We will set-up in the following in order: Payroll Group Setup > Assign Employee to Payroll Group > User Profile > Payroll Group Access Assignment.


Step 1: Create payroll group (Payroll Group Setup)

  • Click , fill in the ‘Group Code’ & ‘Group Name’ (both names can be the same)
  • Once done, click to create a new group.

Step 2: Assign staff to group (Assign Employee to Payroll Group)

  • Under ‘Map to this Payroll Group’, assign the payroll group for every staff.
  • Once done, click at the bottom of the screen to save the changes made.

Step 3: Create profiles with different admin rights (User Profile)

  • Click and enter a name for this profile. Include a brief description of the purpose of the profile (optional).
  • Tick each checkbox as desired. The checkboxes grants specific functionalities to staff assigned to this profile.

Step 4: Delegate administrative functions (Payroll Group Access Assignment)

  • Under ‘Employee Name’, nominate a staff as admin and assign him a user profile. 
  • Next, under ‘Payroll Group Access Assignment’ assign a payroll group to that staff to manage .
  • Click at the bottom of the page to save.
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