How to apply block leave?

There are currently 4 positions that are capable to apply block leave (for any leave type, e.g. annual/sick/maternity)
1. Super Admin
2. Leave Admin
3. Approving Officer (A.O.)
4. Block Leave Administrator (can be assigned as a specific role to one/ a few staff)

As a Super Admin or Leave Admin or Block Leave Administrator

  • Navigate to eLeave > Leave Admin > Block Leave.
  • Select the group of staff that is receiving the block leave.
  • Select the leave type.
  • Set the leave period to apply the leave.
  • Click Submit.JPG at the bottom of the page to enforce the leave.

As an A.O/R.O

  • Navigate to eLeave > Approving Officer > Block Leave instead of eLeave > Leave Admin > Block Leave.
  • The block leave application process is the same as above.

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