New Payroll Journey

Introducing the New Payroll Journey. We have added and enhanced some key features to make your payroll processing as seamless as ever:

  • Specifically assign 1 Payroll Approver
  • Easily add or remove pay elements while in the payrun process
  • See a complete breakdown of the employee’s payrun details
  • Easily search and select the employee/s to process payrun for
  • Added filters to process payrun by Department, Active Employees, New Hires, and Resignees

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Assign the Payroll Approver

It is imperative that you must assign a Payroll Approver first before processing your payrun.

Step 1: Go to  newpayrun27.jpg .

Step 2:  Click  newpayrun28.jpg

Step 3: Under Configuration in General, scroll to the bottom of the page and see the Approver Setting. 


Step 4: Assign your Payroll Approver.

Note: You can only set one (1) Approver, and is limited to the Payroll Admins assigned under Module Administrator.

Step 5: Tick ‘Send Email notification for payrun approval’ box for the system to automatically send an email notification to the Approver once payrun has been submitted for approval.

How to Process the Payrun

Step 1: Log in to the account. Go to Payroll. From Payrun Dashboard, click Run Payroll or go straight to Process Pay from the main menu.

Step 2: You will see this blue header; click 'I want to try it!'


Step 3: You will be directed to the Payrun page.


To start off, select the corresponding month and clicl  newpayrun9.jpg .


You’ll be taken to this page:


Select Employee

Step 1: Select the payroll month.


Step 2: Choose the Payrun Period accordingly.


Step 3: We have enhanced the way you can select relevant employees for the payrun. You can now filter the list by Department, Active Employees, New Joinees and Resigned Employees as shown below. 

Filter by Department:.


Filter by other criteria:


Step 4: Click the Go button to proceed with your employee search.


Step 5: The Employee Details section will refresh with the employee names based on the search result.


 You can adjust to show all entries if the employee list is more than 10.


Review whether to include all names in the list or re-select by ticking/unticking accordingly.


Step 6: Click the mceclip3.png button on the lower right side of the page to continue to the next step.

Select Pay Element

Step 1: This page will show the initial payrun details – Total Addition, Total deduction, Voluntary Contribution, Net Payable, and a breakdown of the CPF Employee and Employer Contributions. This is where you can do a quick review if any other pay elements are missing, or not required.

Click on the employee name to add or remove pay elements. If no change is needed, skip to Step 3.


Note: Only the Basic Pay is reflected in the column, all the other pay elements will be under Total Addition and Total Deduction.

Step 2: To add or remove pay elements, separately click the value under Total Addition and Total Deduction.


Click on the plus icon and select from the dropdown options the required pay element/s you wish to in the payrun.


If pay element is not set to a fixed amount/formula, click on the number to edit the value.


Step 3: To remove a pay element, either untick the box or click the trash icon. 


Step 4: Click Remarks should you need to add in any notes to the individual employee's pay details. Click the check icon to save.


Follow the same steps for other employees.

Step 4: Click mceclip3.png in the bottom right to proceed to the payrun.

Should there be any errors, a warning sign will show. 



Hover your mouse on the warning icon to see the error message. 


 Click newpayrun11.png to make the necessary corrections. Otherwise, delete the payrun and proceed with the other users. 

Review Payrun

This is the review page, where the Admin can submit the payrun for approval after reviewing all the individual payrun details, and the same page for the Approver to do approve and reject at.


Step 1: Click either the newpayrun4.png or newpayrun5.png icon to view the payrun details. 


You will be taken to the Individual Payrun Details page.


Click the dropdown above to move to the other employee. If the payrun is incorrect, click Reject so you may process a new one.

The Review column will update to a green check after the details has been reviewed. 


Optional: You can manually select the employee record and click the newpayrun24.jpg button to change the Review status to a green check. 

The  newpayrun23.jpg button is available in the bottom right to download a copy of the payrun details in Excel.

Step 2: Once all the payrun details have been checked, select the employee records and click the newpayrun24.jpg button on the upper right side of the page. Confirm when you’re ready to send them for approval.

  • Send Later – you can go back and approve at a later time
  • Send for Approval – will be submitted and Approver will be notified (if enabled) right away


When selecting Send Later, you can go back to the same page later and manually click  newpayrun26.jpg  button at the top.

Note: The Send for Approval button will appear ONLY after all the employee payrun details have been reviewed (green check).

Once payrun has been submitted for approval, status will change to 'In Progress'.

Approve the Payrun

Step 1: If setting is enabled in Configuration, an email notification will be sent to the Payroll Approver once payrun has been submitted for approval.


Approver can click on the button ‘Login to Approve’, or separately access the home page and log in to the account.

Step 2: Once logged in, go to Process Pay and click ‘I want to try it!’ button.


Step 3: You will be directed to the Payrun section. Find the payrun with the status - Pending Approval.

Click the View(eye) icon to see the details.


You will be taken to the Review Payrun page. Click the View(eye) icon to check the individual payrun breakdown.


Step 4: Approver can already approve or reject from this page, and click the dropdown above to move to the next employee. 


Alternatively, you can go back to the Review Payrun page, select the employee name/s and click the Approve button above.

A pop-up message will confirm action, simply click Close.


Release the Payslip

Any of the Payroll Administrators can initiate the release of the payslip. 

Step 1: Go to the Payrun Approval History section.


To the right of the page is the View options:

Payrun List - will show the summary by payrun


Employee List - will show the breakdown of the payruns by employee


Step 2: From the Payrun Approval History page, you can select the payrun and click the  newpayrun4.jpg (now) button below.

Alternatively, click the view(eye) icon under Action for the full payrun details. 


You will have the option to generate the payroll reports from this page. 


You can also edit the payrun name if preferred, before saving.


Select either to Release Now or Release Later, then pick a date.


Click the newpayrun34.jpg button.

A pop-up will confirm the action.


When enabled in Configuration, an email will be sent to the employees with a PDF copy of their payslips.

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