How Do I Run a New Payrun?

1) Ensure that your employees' pay information have been properly updated in ePayroll admin.

Employees need to have these information:.

a. Valid NRIC (in order to process the bank file generation)

b. Date of birth and Date of hire

c. Citizenship Status (PR/Citizen/Foreigner)

d. Valid Pay Elements (You can input the OT hours as well, and after you click 'save', the OT pay elements will automatically be added.) You can also add MBMF/CDAC/SINDA Pay Elements.

2) Navigate to ePayroll > Process Pay > New Payrun.

    Fill in the details and click "submit" 

    For OT Period, if you do not want to follow the payrun period, uncheck the box beside
    'Follow Payroll Period' and you will be able to select the period of your choice.

    If you are selecting option 3, click payee_icon.png to select the employee(s) of your choice.

3) You will be directed to the "Payrun progress" page where the system will calculate the employee's pay. When it is completed, you can proceed to check and approve the payrun by clicking book_icon.png

4) After clicking book_icon.png, you will be redirected to the Payrun Employee list where you can approve the payrun for employees either individually or altogether.

5) To approve the payrun, click either the 'Approve' or 'Approve All' buttons.

   If you click book_icon.png, a more detailed breakdown of the employee's pay will be shown. 

   You can change the payment date individually and approve the pay in the detailed payslip             page.

   To learn more about releasing payslips, click here.

   To find out more about processing pay through bank, click here.

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