IR8A - What do i do when it comes to Tax filing every year?

To generate IR8A for tax purposes, go to ePayroll > File Generation > Tax Export

There are 4 types of files available:

IR8A Form --> Generate each employees individual IR8A form

IRAS Export (XML) --> For companies under AIS scheme. This is the file to upload to IRAS

Appendix 8A --> Generate for employees having Benefit-in-kind

Appendix 8A Export (XML) --> This is the file to upload to IRAS for employees having Benefit-in-kind

For information not captured in the payruns and pay elements but required for IRAS, you can go to ePayroll > File Generation > IRAS employee details.

Kindly be reminded to click 'update' after you have input the changes. 

Note: Fill this in if necessary, before generating the IR8A form or the export file

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