What are the steps to do the Leave Balance transfer to the next year?

Below are the steps listed to follow when the leave transfer is done.

1. You should try and perform the leave transfer around end December or
early January. This is to make sure all the pending leave applications for
the current year have been approved, so as to reflect the correct leave balance when you
perform the transfer.

2. You can check the pending leave applications under Leave Report, e.g.:

3. To perform leave transfer, please go to eLeave/admin and select your
leave transfer policy.

4. When you perform the leave balance transfer, the system will take the
leave balance as at 31 Dec 20XX (current year), apply the transfer policy, and transfer to
the opening balance as at 1/1/20XX (next year), which you can verify by looking at the Show Leave Balance report:

5. You can perform the leave balance transfer multiple times from Dec of the current year
to Jan of the next year. The system will overwrite the opening balance as at 1/1/20XX (next year)
with the latest transfer.

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