What are the advantages of Attendance / eTimeclock

The JustAttendance / eTimeclock module has the following advantages vs conventional punch card or fingerprint system:

1. It is based on mobile devices such as iPad and the App can be downloaded from Appstore. Customers are able to obtain these devices easily and set them up by downloading the App from Appstore.

2. No cabling is required, as data can be transmitted via Wifi or 3/4G.

3. Data are sent in real-time; as a result, absentee list can be sent to the the Administrator at pre-set time.

4. Photo of employee is captured and sent to prevent "buddy punching".

5. GPS location is capture and sent to show where the employees are when the perform the clocking.

6. It supports iPad, iPhone and Android Phones.

7. OT is calculated automatically based on user-configured OT policies.

8. OT and hours worked are automatically transferred to ePayroll.

9. It is integrated with eLeave (and ePayroll) and the system knows when the employees are on leave.

10. It is cloud-based. The customer just pays a monthly fee to use the system.

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