How am I able to set a staff from the main company as the approving officer for a branch company? (different accounts)

To do this, you would need the two companies to share their directory. This has to be done on both accounts.

For company A to share its directory with company B:

  1. Log in to company A’s account.
  2. Under eAdmin > Directory > Sharing:
  3. Key in the company ID for company B and click submit.

     4. Log in to company B’s account.

     5. Under eAdmin > Directory > Sharing:

     6. Key in the company ID for company A and click submit.

To use a staff from company A as the approver officer for staff in company B:

  1. Log in to company B.
  2. Go to eLeave > AO/RO admin > Setup AO/RO
  3. Add the employee by clicking the human icon
  4. Add the approving officer, when the new window pops up, under the company field where you can see ‘My Company’, change it to Company A. You will be able to view staff from company A. Select the AO and click 'select'.

      5.After that, click 'add'. 


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