I have made an error on the final submission. How do I make amendments?

*Amendment of files is required only if there are changes to the amounts or fields that will affect the total amount of employment income. For changes to employees' personal particulars, such as address, date of birth, etc you have to email instead.

In order to make changes after you have made a submission to IRAS, you need to generate the IR8A amendment file.

i. Under File Generation -> IRAS Amendment, select the employee/s that you need to make amendments to.

ii. To make amendments to the values, click on the IRAS Amendment tab. Then key in the DIFFERENCE between your original submission and the new value (EG. In the original file, if you have submitted $1500, but the accurate value is only $1000, key in -500).

iii. To make amendments to the Employee Details (eg. Bonus Declaration Date), click on the tab IRAS Employee Detail Amendment. Make any necessary changes.

iv. Now regenerate the IR8A form and XML file under File Generation -> Tax Export (select only the employees that have amendments). Under batch indicator, select Amendment.

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