How to Cancel my Leave application?

Please see guide on how to Cancel your Leave

Note: This depends still on your Company's setting. If you are not able to cancel you need to seek help from your HR Administrator to cancel the leave application.

If you Leave is still on pending status and you will cancel it, there is no need for approval. It will be cancelled directly. If the Leave was already approved, it will go back to the Approvers to Approve the Cancellation. This is to ensure that the Approving officer knows when the staff did not consume the applied leave. 


In Express:

Step 1: Go to leave.png

Step 2: Click on dashboard.png

Step 3: Click on view_history.png

Step 4: Under Action column there should be this icon cancel.png so you can cancel that leave.



In the Mobile Application:

Step 1: In the lower right click more.png

Step 2: Click on leave_History.png

Step 3: Check on the Pending Status or at All Status and locate the Leave application you need to cancel and scroll down and click  cancel_leave.png


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