Is there integration between eLeave and ePayroll for No pay leave? Where do I process this for an employee?

Yes there is. First, check that in eLeave > Leave Setup > Leave Types, for the leave type, the option ‘No-pay leave’ is ticked. This will link all approved leave applications of that type to ePayroll.

To process this no pay leave deduction, go to ePayroll > Payroll Admin > Process eLeave Items.

For the no pay leave with status as ‘Pending’ it just means that the system is waiting for the admin to process and add this no pay leave deduction. ‘Processed’ means the deduction has already been added for the current month.

You can check for this deduction in Payroll Admin > Employee Pay Information page (Book Icon).

You are able to add the deduction from no pay leave for previous months. For example, if an employee has applied no pay leave for 2 days in March, you can process this deduction for April’s payrun. 

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