My Payrun Failed. What do I do?

There are a few possible reasons that a payrun may fail.

1. Navigate to ePayroll > Payrol Admin > Payrun Progress.

2. Click on the corresponding of the payrun that failed.

3. Search for the staff’s payrun with the ‘Failed’ Status (tip: you can use the sort function below ‘Payrun Employee List’). Next, click on the respective staff’s book icon.

4. Look out for common errors like missing date of birth, joined date, missing basic pay element, etc. This information can be edited in the Employee information page (refer to related links).

5. Return to the Payrun Employee List page. Delete the failed payruns by clicking on the ‘X’ for the corresponding staff.

6. Correct the errors reprocess the payrun for the affected staff only. In this case, do not process the payrun for this staff as the payrun you are processing for is before his join date.

7. If the payrun fails again, repeat steps 1 - 6 to rectify the errors accordingly.

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