How do I set a payrun approving officer?

1. Go to ePayroll > Payroll Setup.


2. Under users, click ‘User Profiles’.  Click 'Add' to set a profile.

3. To set up a profile that allows the user to just approve/reject payruns, you need to enable the options under ‘process pay’ which includes the ‘Accept Reject’ function. Refer to the image below for the configuration. After that is done, click ‘submit’.

4. Click ‘Payroll Group Access Assignment’ in the ePayroll > Payroll Setup > Group Access > Payroll Group Access Assignment page.

5. Select the employee whom you wish to assign this profile to, select the user profile and for the group access, select ‘All’. After that is done, click ‘update.’ The user will be able to view only 2 tabs, ‘My Pay’ and ‘Process Pay’, and they will be able to accept/reject payruns.

To learn more on how to assign a user profile to an employee for various payroll groups, click here.

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