I would like to add new members to ePayroll but they are overseas so it will be in foreign currency and there will be no taxes or CPF, etc. Is this possible?

Yes this is possible. You can set different currencies for the users. 

You can assign the different currencies to employees under Payroll Admin > Employee Pay Details > Employee Information (Employee_info_icon.png).


Currently for payslips, the system can only show one currency at any one time so it will always show the currency symbol used in the ePayroll > Payroll Setup > General > Configuration page. The Exchange Rate is for IRAS purposes only. So if you pay the users in a different currency, our system will be able to convert it to SGD and fill up the IRAS forms correctly.

Also, ensure that the pay elements for the employee does not have the CPF/SDL option ticked so that CPF will not be calculated for him/her.

Need to pay IRAS taxes for employees overseas? Click here.

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