A staff just joined after a public holiday in the month. How will the proration of salary work for this case?

The system will count the public holiday as a paid working day but the staff will not be entitled to this since he joined after the holiday.  For example, in the Month of July (Holiday on 6th), if an employee joins on the 18th (assuming 5 day work-week), the total number of working days would be 21 (inclusive of the PH), and the employee worked days would be 10 (excluding the PH). For information on how the system calculates the prorated amount, click here.

If your company’s policy is different, you can key in the correct amount manually under the Employee Pay Information Page in Payroll Admin, and disable the prorate function for the pay element. Kindly note that after the payrun is done you need to change back the formula to reflect ‘BasicPay’ or the original pay amount and enable the prorate function in order to show the correct figures for future payrun.

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