Allow Staff to View Reports in eForm

There are two ways to go about doing this.

a. Assign the employee as an eForm administrator (only the SuperUser can do this)

1) Go to eAdmin, and click the hand icon for the affected employee.

2) In the edit information page, tick the box for 'Form Administrator' under Staff Role and click 'submit'

The employee will now have access to all functions in eForm, including the access to view reports and set different form admins.


b. Assign the employee as an admin for individual forms (The SuperUser and any eForm administrator can do this)

1) Go to eForm > Form Administration > Select Form Admin

2) Assign the employee to be the administrator for the various forms by selecting his name in the dropdown list. You should see a message stating that the selection has been saved successfully.

The employee will have access to the reports for the forms which he is assigned to, and can also assign the various roles and set reminders for those forms only.

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