Is there integration between eLeave and ePayroll for No pay leave? Where do I process this for an employee?

Yes there is.

First, navigate to eLeave > Leave Setup > Leave Type.
Check that for the leave type, the option ‘No-pay leave’ is ticked. This will link all approved leave applications of that type to ePayroll.

Prior to this, the staff must have applied for a no pay leave for the month that you are running the payrun for.

1. Navigate to ePayroll > Payroll Admin > Process Leave Items > Process No Pay Leave.

2. Select the month for the processing of no pay leave. Any no pay leaves that the staff had applied would be appear here. If nothing appears here, check out this link.

3. Click on the extreme right. This will process the no pay leaves from the eLeaves. This will automatically create a new pay element in the Employee Pay Information page.

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