My employee’s previously processed benefit claims for the previous month are still showing up in this month’s payrun. What could be the issue?

Go to Payroll Admin > Book Icon and remove the affected pay elements by clicking on the ‘delete’ icon.

In order to prevent future such occurrences, you need to do some configurations. Go to eBenefit > Setup > Benefit Type to check which pay element is linked to the corresponding benefit type.

Go to ePayroll > Payroll Setup > Pay Elements.

Click the ‘book’ icon of the affected pay element to view its details.

Check that the pay elements which you mapped the benefits to do not have the option ‘monthly’ or/and ‘fortnightly’ ticked, as having those options would mean that the pay element would be active for following months. You would need to set ‘One time’ for the frequency of these pay elements in order for them to be automatically deactivated after one approved payrun.


After this is done, future transfers from eBenefit would reflect pay elements with the frequency of ‘one-time’.


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