Can I run a report to view bank info/cheque number for some employees?

Yes you are able to do so.

Firstly, you must include cheque number in the employee's payslip. The following steps teaches you how to include bank info/ cheque numbers in payslips:

1. Navigate to ePayroll > Payroll Admin > Employee Pay Details.

2. Select the staff whose payment is via cheque and click on their respective .

3. Select ‘Cheque’ under ‘Pay Mode’.

4. Click at the bottom of the page to save.

5. Process (select manual release of payslip) and approve the staff’s payrun.

6. Navigate to ePayroll > Process Pay > Payrun Summary.

7. Enter the cheque number(s) for the respective staff.

8. Click at the bottom of the page to save. Thereafter release the payslips, it’ll include the cheque number.

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9. Next, you need to configure the proper report format in the ePayroll > Payroll Setup > Payroll > Payslip format page.  Under the payslip report column, change the format to ‘9. Standard PDF Format (with YTD NET/GROSS) ‘, then click ‘submit’ to save the changes.

10. After that, navigate to ePayroll > Report run the payslip report (report no. 4) and you should be able to view the cheque number.

The report number 6 ‘Payment Advice Report’ will also contain the cheque number.  So you will be able to view the information from two types of report.

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