Leave Multi-Level Approval


Multiple levels of approval can now be set for the Leave module. This allows you to set different approval flows to follow depending on your organizational requirement. You can assign up to a maximum of 7 Approving Officers per approval flow - whether you need it set by specific employee or a group level.


Step 1: Login to your account.

Step 2: Click on dbkdjbgdjg.png, and go to nbg;kdjbgfd.png.

Step 3: Select "Approvals" tab at the top:


Step 4: From Approvals, click Leave tab. Then, click on Default Setting.

m xfdgdfg.png

Step 5:  Input the Workflow Name.  


Step 6: Select the Leave Officer/s who will need to approve the leave.



Super Admin – Superuser on the account

Manager – The staff's assigned Supervisor (see User Admin)  

Manager’s Manager – The assigned Supervisor of the submitter’s Supervisor

Specific User – anyone who is an Leave User


Aarav Bender is the submitter, and the Supervisor is Alia Castro. Alia Castro is Aarav Bender's Manager.


Alia Castro's Supervisor is Calvin. Calvin will be Aarav Bender's Manager’s Manager.


Step 7: To add more Approving Officers (depending on how many AOs are needed), click: kjbgldkjfgb.png.

Step 8: If you want a staff/Admin to be notified after the last approval, select the name here:


Step 9: Once done, click Apply.


Note: You can choose to whom you'd like to apply this approval setup.

bkljbfgdsjkf.png will look like this:


To edit any of the WorkFlows and send reminders to the assigned Approving Officers, click the pen icon under Action.


To delete the workflow, click on the pen icon at the right top.


After that, click on  icon.

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