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You can now use SingPass Face Verification to log into your JustLogin Expense Application. Just follow the steps below.

If you have logged in to one app and then launch another one, you will be automatically logged in without needing to input your login credentials again.

There is also a Single Sign-On (SSO) menu in both apps, allowing you to easily navigate between them. Even if you have not manually logged in to the other app, you will be logged in automatically after switching.

Please note that there are several parts in this article that needs to be followed.

Activating the Face Verification Feature in JustLogin

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Go to the “My Setting” page:


Step 3: Select the SingPass Panel, check your NRIC, tick the agreement box, and hit the "Activate" button.


NOTE: If NRIC on this page is wrong, please contact your HR/Admin to update


Login to the JustExpense App

Step 1: Open the App to see the Log in page then click on “Sign in with singpass” button.


Step 2: From the Singpass website, click the QR Code.


Step 3: It will bring you to the Singpass App to click on 'Approve' button.


Step 4: Get you face scanned.


Step 5: Once the Face scanning is successful, you will be logged into your account.


When you go back to your JustExpense App, click the “Sign in with singpass” button again and the account should instantly log you in.

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If you click on the More Menu button in the expense app, you will be directed to this page.

The "JustLogin App Access" menu, which enables you to switch to and launch the Individual app with the same login credentials, is always available. Even if you are not subscribed to any modules in the Individual app, the "JustLogin App Access" menu will still be displayed in the Expense app.

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In the Individual app, if you are subscribed to either the Benefit or Expense module, the "Claims" menu will be available. Clicking on the "Claims" menu will switch you to the Expense app and launch it.

If the Individual app or Expense app is not installed on your device, and you attempt to log in using SSO from one app to another, you will be directed to the Google Play Store or App Store to install the app that is not on your device.

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