No Pay Leave Transfer to ePayroll

1.  Click on the ePayroll module> Dashboard.

2. Check if there are any ‘No Pay Leaves’ to be transferred over from the eLeave module. 

3.  Transfer over any ‘No Pay Leave’ deductions from eLeave. If there are none, skip this step.

4.  Once transferred, go to ‘Dashboard’ again, and click on Update Pay Information.

5.  Click on the ‘Book’ icon and update pay information for employees.

6.  Ensure that all pay elements and amount to be paid for the month is correct. If you wish to add a pay element, click on Add. To delete a Pay Element, click on the ‘x

7.  Once done, scroll down and click on ‘Submit and Next’ to save and move on to the next employee.

8.  Next, click on Process Pay and do a ‘New Payrun’. Choose the Month, Payment Date and click on Submit at the bottom of the page.

9. You will then be brought over to the ‘Payrun Progress’ page. Once the Payrun has complete, Click on Reports to generate the Payroll Schedule.

10. Generate the 15b Report. All the Pay Elements have already been saved.

11.  Choose the month and Change the status to ‘Pending Approval’. Then Click on Go. Once you see the Report Builder,click on Print Preview. Next, Download the file.


12. Download the report as an Excel sheet. Make the necessary adjustments on the Excel Sheet.

13.  Once Payrun is approved by management, go to Process Pay> Payrun Progress to officially approve the payrun in the system. Click on View Details and click on ‘Approve All’.


14. Next, Click on the Process Pay tab and go to Payrun Summary. This is where you release the Payslip.


15. At the bottom of the page, click on Release All Payslips.

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