Reports - Monthly Detailed Report

The Monthly Detailed Report will provide you with a detailed report of the clocking in and clocking out of the staff.

Step 1: Click on Reports under Attendance

Step 2: Click on mceclip0.png

Step 3: Under mceclip2.png, state the date range of your report at


Step 4: (Optional) To refine your search based on the name of an employee/department/group


Step 5: (Optional) Tick on mceclip4.pngif you want to display weekend/weekday in your report

Step 6: (Optional) Click on mceclip5.pngif you want to include deactivated employees in your report.

Step 7: (Optional) Click on mceclip6.pngif you want to display off and rest day as well in your report.

Step 8: Click on . The system will process the report and upon completion, you should see this.


Step 9: Click on mceclip9.png so you can download the report.

Step 10: Once you click on "Save", you will be prompted to rename the report:


Step 11: Kindly rename and then click on mceclip11.png

Step 12: Go to mceclip12.png

Step 13: Under the Actions column, you can click on the mceclip13.pngto print/download the report or mceclip14.pngto delete the report

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