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Working Hours

The Working Hours portion is the Default working shift. Employees will automatically use the default if they are not assigned to other shifts.

Step 1: Login to the account

Step 2: Click on attendance.png.

Step 3: Go to s;ihfddsl;kgf.png this should bring you to the Configuration Tab at the top.

Step 4: Set up the working hours, minutes of breaktime, as well as the rest day/off day.


Step 5: Set up the number of hours the staff must fulfil for a full day and half-day. This is to be used by the system when the staff is on leave or when staff works on their Rest Day


Step 6: If this option is ticked, the system will automatically add in the standard hours to the staff’s actual hour when the staff is on full day or half day leave.


Step 7: You can indicate the time zone into this field.


Step 8: Show how many hours the staff must work before break time will be automatically deducted.


Step 9: Click on pkidng';lkdfg.png to save the changes.

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