Payrun Dashboard


Payrun Dashboard provides the administrator with an overview of the monthly payroll.  This is also the portion in which the administrator can access the respective modules to run the payrun and generate reports.

In this article, I will briefly introduce the individual components found in the Payrun Dashboard

1. The date portion allows you to select the month whose payrun you wish to look at. You can go backward or forward accordingly.



2. Prepare Payroll - This is the place where you can add/remove pay elements, extract pay-related information from other Justlogin modules such as Leave, Attendance, Expense, and/or Benefits. This is also the place that allows you to kick off the payrun using the Start New Payrun button.



2. Process Payrun - Process Payrun is the portion where you can check the status of the payrun you have conducted. The graph provides a quick glance at the statuses of the payrun. Each portion of the graph can be clicked, and the system will bring you to the appropriate page.




Apart from displaying the payrun statuses, the Process Payrun portion is also where you can generate the bank and CPF files, as well as releasing the payslips.


3. Post Payroll - The post Payroll portion is where you can generate the different reports in relation to the payrun.

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