Administration - Employee Pay Details

Employee Pay Details will show you your employees' pay information. This is also the page that allows you to mass edit the pay elements or use ab import template to upload the pay elements.

Employee Pay Details

Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png .

Step 2: Click on admin.png .

Step 3: You will see your staff’s employee pay details.


You can configure your staff’s individual pay details by clicking the pencil_icon.png icon under the Actions column.

Step 4: You will be taken to the Update Pay Information page. This is where you can edit the pay details, and add or remove pay elements from the staff's pay information.


If you have a standard payrun template applicable to most of your staff, you can click employeepaydetails1.png so you can easily re-use the same one for other users. 

Employee Info

This section will show you a quick view of the employee's info. Click employeepaydetails2.png  to see the complete details - Employee Information, Pay Information, IRAS Information. You may edit accordingly.



You can manually add or remove any pay elements in this section. 


a. See the icons to the right of the pay element:

employeepaydetails5.png - delete the pay element

employeepaydetails6.png - pay element setting, which you can specifically set for this employee

b. Aside from accessing the pay element setting, you can also tick or untick the CPF and SDL Payable boxes below each of the pay element, whichever is applicable

c. You can also set the Wage Type on this page, whether it's OW or AW

d. A dropdown option is available for you to select any pay element you want to add to the payrun. Click the Add button for it to be added to the list


The same options are available to the Deductions section. A separate dropdown is also in the bottom to add any applicable pay elements for deduction. 

Working Hours and OT

If enabled from Configuration, this section will be visible. 


Any processed data from Attendance will reflect here. Refer to this guide:

For accounts with no Attendance module, this can also be used to manually add hours and OTs. Click employeepaydetails11.png to add the Hrs/OT pay elements.

NOTE: Make sure the OT and Actual Hour Formulas are correct. 


Click Display Remarks to enter any information or small notes under the Remarks box if you wish to. This will only show to the specific employee's payslip. 


Step 6: Click on the save.png button for any changes made.


You also have the option to either do a mass edit or import any applicable pay elements from the Employee Pay Details page.



Mass Edit Pay Elements

Step 1: On the Employee Pay Details page, please click on mass_edit.png .

Step 2: Click on it one more time to show all the pay elements available in your system .view_all_pay_elements.png

Step 3: You will then be able to input the required amounts for each of your staff for the different pay elements. Once you input values into the fields, the system will automatically save the data. If successfully saved, you will see this confirmation pop-up message at the top.


Import Pay Elements

Step 1: On the Employee Pay Details Page, click on import_pay_elements.png .

Step 2: Download the import template by clicking download_pay_elements.png . It will download an Excel file that contains the names of your employees and the different pay elements available in your system.


Step 3: Update the template with all the necessary data you require for the payrun and save the file.

NOTE: Please do not modify the headers on the template.

Step 4: Drag or drop the file on the Upload File box and hit import.png .


Step 5: Once the import has completed, you will get a confirmation message if the import has been successful.

Export Employee Details

From the Payroll Administration page, you can also download the payroll employee details for active and deactivated employees. Click Choose Export Type.


Export Employee Detail - system will retrieve all payroll-related information of all the active Payroll users in a table view. You can download a PDF copy by clicking the Download button below.


The downloaded file is in Excel format. 


Export Deactivated Employee Detail - available for the deactivated employees. The same download options is also available.

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