Administration - Employees Pay Details

Employee Pay Details will show you your employees' pay information. This is also the page that allows you to mass edit the pay elements or to use a template to upload pay elements.

Employee Pay Details

Step 1: Click on PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Click on admin.png

Step 3: You will see your staff’s employee pay details.


Step 4: You can configure your staff’s pay details by clicking the small pencil pencil_icon.pngicon under the Actions tab.

Step 5: You will be taken to this page where you can update your staff’s pay information. This is also where you can add/remove pay elements from the staff's pay information.



Step 6: You can enter information or small notes under the Remarks Box if you wish to.


Step 7: Click on the save.pngbutton for any changes made.


NOTE: You also have the option to Mass Edit Pay Elements or Import the Pay Elements from the Employees Pay Details page:



To Mass Edit the Pay Elements, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the Employee Pay Details page, please click on mass_edit.png

Step 2: Click on it one more time to show all the Pay Elements available in your system view_all_pay_elements.png

Step 3: You will then be able to input the amounts for each of your staff for the different Pay Elements. Once you input values into the fields, the system will save the data automatically. You will see this pop-up notification at the top


To Import the Pay Elements, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the Employee Pay Details Page, click on import_pay_elements.png

Step 2: After doing step 1, please click on download_pay_elements.pngbutton

Step 3: You will be able to download an Excel file that contains the names of your employees and the different pay elements available in your system. Please refer to the image below:


Step 4: Complete the template with all the necessary data and save the file. Please do not modify the headers on the template.

Step 5: Drop the file into the import pay elements page then hit the import.pngbutton


Step 5: Once the import has completed, you will get a notification that import has been successful.


From the Payroll Administration page, you can also download the Payroll Employee details for Active or Deactivated Employees


If you click on Export Employee Details, you will see a table that includes all the payroll related information of all the active employees. 


You can also download a PDF copy of this file by clicking the Download button. 

And this is the downloaded file in Excel format. 



If you want the Payroll details of your Deactivated staff, you can just choose the Export Deactivated Employee Details and download the file. 


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