Configuration - Payroll - OT Rates

The OT Rates page allow you to specify whether OT field should be enabled and if yes, what are the OT rates like. 

To set up the OT page, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Select configuration.png 

Step 3: Click on payroll_2.png

Step 4: Click on ot_rates.png


Step 5: At the OT Hourly Rate, indicate the OT Hour Rate formula you wish to use. Check with MOM of the formula that your company should comply with.


Step 6: Check this if your company is paying OT. Without enabling this, you will not have the fields required to put in the OT hours.


Step 7: Enable this option if you have part-timers that work on an hourly rate basis. 


Step 8: Change the formula to BasicPay (which is the hourly rate paid to the staff indicated in the Basic Pay field).


Step 9: Ensure that the rate for the Actual Hr is changed to 1 instead of 0. The 1 is the multiplier in this case. So if the staff worked 100 hours, the system will calculate 100 hours x $10 an hour x 1 = $1000


Step 10: Indicates the rate for the OT. Note that the rate here is in compliance with MOM for staff that are earning less than SGD$2600. 


Step 11: If this option is checked, you cannot change the rate.

Step 12: Click on update.png to save 


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