Configuration - Payroll - Payslip Format

Step 1: Click on PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Select configuration.png 

Step 3: Click on payroll_2.png

Step 4: Click on payslip_format.png




Step 5: Select the payslip form of your choice by clicking on the respective payslip_icon.png icon. To see a preview of the payslip format, you can click on eye.png to see a preview of the payslip.


Step 6: The system allows you to upload your company's logo. To upload the logo, you need to have a picture that is within 300x300 pixel in size. Click on the Click here to upload.

Once successfully uploaded, you should see your company's logo appearing in the place where you upload the file.



Step 7: Click on the submit.pngbutton








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