Transferring Attendance OT Request Leave to Leave Module


After the leave has been approved by the Approving and Processing Officer, the Attendance administrator can then proceed to transfer the leave to JustLogin Leave module.


Step 1: Click on 


Step 2: Click on 


Step 3: Click on 


Step 4: Select the Date range at

Step 5: Click on 


Step 6: Select the record to be transferred. Staff must fulfill the duration of OT Request for the OT hours to be reflected. If actual OT is more than Requested OT, only the approved Requested OT can be credited.


Step 7: Select the leave type to which this OT will be credited to (need not be Annual Leave). Only per annum leave types will be reflected in the drop-down.



Step 8: Click on 


Step 9: To check the transfer, click on 


You will see this page appearing



Step 10: Click on the icon




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