How to add Actual Hours and OT Details?

After you had done Pending OT, you can make the required amendment (if you wish) in the Process OT tab. 

Step 1: Click on 

Step 2: Click on 

Step 3: Click on 

Step 4: Click on . The following page would appear.



Step 5: Update the OT time accordingly, then click on  or 

Step 6: To check that the OT data is transferred correctly to the employee, click on 


Step 7: Select the staff that you had done the OT transfer and click on the . Scroll down and you should see the Working hours and OT


Step 8: Click on  and the system will show you this message


Step 9: You should see that the OT is added to the Additions column.


Alternatively, to set the default OT Formula for all of your staff, you can follow the steps below:

*Follow steps 1-4 above

Step 5: Scroll down on the bottom page and click 


Step 6: Enter the Formula that you’d like to set for everyone and tick the box located on the right side:


Step 7: Click on mceclip2.png

Step 8: You’ll be brought back to the Process OT page, tick all the boxes on the left side to select all and click Update/Update All:


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