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If the OT Request feature is enabled in Configuration, staff can request for any overtime rendered to be converted into payment (via Payroll) or Time Off (via Leave).

Important: This willl work if the employee's OT policy is set to either End Time or Std Time.


Step 1: Login to the account.

Step 2: Click on mceclip0.png .

Step 3:  Click on mceclip1.png .

Step 4: A Request OT link can be found in the bottom right corner of the My Clock History section, 


Step 5: You will be directed to this page, where the staff would need to fill in the required information.


Reimbursement Mode field options:

Payment - The approved OT will be processed as payment in the Payroll module

Time Off - The approved OT will be converted into a Leave credit via Adjustment

Step 6: Click on the mceclip6.png button.

The following screen will appear when the Requested OT hours is more than the actual OT hours worked on the selected date. 


Step 7: Click on mceclip8.png to proceed with the submission. 

Step 8: You will get a confirmation message if submission is successful. 


An email notification will then be sent to their respective Approving/Processing Officers.


Mobile App

Step 1: Log in to the App.


Step 2: Click on More Menu. 


Step 3: Click on Overtime Request. 


Step 4: You only need to fill out the fields that are necessary, which are the same as those for the information needed on the web.

The Reimbursement mode is important to know.


Payment - The OT rendered will be processed into the Payroll module

Time Off - The OT rendered will be converted into a Leave Type via Leave Adjustment

Sep 5: To submit, click on the Submit the button.


Step 6: The system will show a notification to confirm that the submission is successful. An email will then be sent to their respective Approving / Processing Officer.


If you want to see all your OT requests, click on More on the upper right corner of the screen then choose OT Summary. 


Your previously submitted list of OT will then appear.


By altering the From and To dates, you may also adjust the time period covered by the OT summary you want to view.


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