Administration - Process OT - Pending OT

The system can extract the hours and OT details captured in the Attendance module and transferred to Payroll. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png .

Step 2: Click on Picture58.png.

Step 3: See Pending OT (eTimeclock) sub-tab under Picture59.png . Any transferred data from Attendance (approved attendance record/timesheet) will be reflected here. This page does not allow you to edit the data. 


 Step 4: Select the staff and check the details. Click Picture61.png to proceed for the selected staff or Picture62.png to transfer the data for all the staff on the list.

Step 5: Go to the Picture59.png sub-tab. The transferred data from Process OT will be reflected here. You can make the necessary edits on this page, if required.

NOTE: This tab also works if you do not have Attendance module and you want to bulk-update the hours directly from Payroll. 

Step 6: Select the staff that you want to transfer the attendance details for and click  Picture63.png, or  Picture64.png to update for all staff.

Once updated, the hours and/or OTs will reflect in the employee's Pay Information page.


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