Face Recognition - Enabling Attendance Verification Alert

JustLogin Attendance can provide face recognition to help you detect if a different person login using another’s account. This feature will alert you via your email of any suspected discrepancies in the attendance.



 Step 1: Click as shown and this list will appear


Step 2: Click onmceclip2.png

Step 3: Click onmceclip3.png . You should see a list of photographs (up to 20) that was taken when the staff clock-in using Attendance.




Step 4: Select one picture you wish to use for the verification. 

We recommend that you select one picture taken through the Attendance module for better comparison in opposed to an uploaded photo.


Step 5: Click on mceclip0.png


Attendance Verification Alert


The AVA will do a backend comparison of the profile with the picture taken.


If there are any potential discrepancies, the system will alert the administrator via an email and the report will look like this.




With this alert, you can determine whether it is a genuine case of the person looking somewhat different from the profile picture or whether the staff is getting someone else to clock in for them.


Enabling AVA

 At this moment, we do not switch AVA on for everyone by default. If you wish to use this validation service, kindly send your request to us through this link https://justlogin.com/contact-us/

We can enable the service at the backend for you and will inform you once we do it.

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