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To be able to fully utilize JustLogin's Leave system, it has to be correctly and fully configured to make sure it follows the company's policies and requirements. 


Setup Company Work Week

You will need to define the working weeks of your company. This is important as this will be used by the system to calculate the proration of leaves, as well as determine when the staff can take leave. 

Step 1: Click on leave.png .

Step 2: Click on configuration.png .

Step 3: Click on company_settings.png . You should see this screen:


Step 4: You can configure the working week/s according to your company’s requirements.

Step 5: If you have more than 1 working week, you can click on add_work_week.png and set accordingly. 

You can define up to 10 different working weeks.


Annual Leave Policy Setup

Leave Accrual – This is where you can indicate how the staff leaves are being accrued. There are 5 options:

  • Daily – leave is accrued daily (annual entitlement/365)
  • Monthly – leave is accrued monthly (annual entitlement/12)
  • Calendar Year – full year entitlement from CY Day 1
  • Financial Year – full year entitlement from FY Day 1
  • Employee Anniversary – full year entitlement from Day 1 after anniv date


Carryover Date

If either Daily or Monthly is selected, an added option will show, which is a setting for the leave transfer.

See Leave Balance Transfer Settings and Options article here.


  • 1st of January - auto leave transfer will be initiated on the 1st of January
  • Specific Date - select a date on when you prefer the leave transfer to be initiated

Leave Calculation Based on – This is to indicate when any applicable increments will be applied to the yearly entitlement, whether it's based on Calendar Years (Beginning of the Year) or Years of Service (Join Date).


Policy for New Employees

When accrual policy is set to either Calendar Year or Financial Year, this is how the Leave system will handle the proration of the leave balance of new hires.

NOTE: Same proration setting will be followed for resigned staff. 


Annual Leave Setting

Put a tick if you allow your staff to take Annual Leave for more than what their current leave balance at the time of the leave submission. 


Put a tick on this setting if you require your staff to submit their leave application day/s ahead of time. Indicate the minimum number of day/s they need to submit prior to the leave day/s.


If you allow attachment or would require for it to be mandatory, you can tick this option:


Annual Leave is applicable

Set the minimum period of employment before staff can take Annual leave. 


Annual Leave Notifications

Put a tick if you wish to receive an email notification for every annual leave approved.




Staff policy allows you to set staff-related policies such as the probationary period and other leave-related policies. This will provide you with a detailed explanation of each of the functions in this section. Employee Leave Settings

Put a tick on whichever option is applicable, following your policies. 


1. Whether the staff can take Other Leave types, if they apply more than what their current leave balance.

2. Whether the staff can apply two different leave types(overlap) on the same day. If set to No, staff will still be able to take half-day of different leaves as long as the timing of the leave does not coincide.

3. Whether the staff can change the days applied field.

4. Whether the system will deduct one day if the staff takes a leave on a half-day working day (based on assigned Work Week).


Leave Cancellation

Set the leave cancellation policy for the staff


  1. ALL leave cancellations are allowed. This option would allow the staff to cancel their leaves regardless of the status. If leave has already been approved, cancellation will go through another approval by the AO. 
  2. Leave cancellation is allowed ONLY if cancellation is done prior to the leave date. e.g. I have filed a leave for Friday, I can cancel the leave until Thursday, 11:59 pm.
  3. Users are NOT allowed to cancel the leave. The staff will not have an option to cancel the leave at all. If they wish to, they will need to go through the Leave Administrator or their RO/AO (if given the rights) to cancel the leave.


In Leave, we can define how employees’ leaves are to be approved by the appropriate approving officer/s. This section is where you can set your company's approval flow. 

Indicate whether you require a Recommending Officer (if you follow a 2-level approval). When applicable, a Recommending Officer is the first appover, the one that recommends the leave, and not the final approving officer.


Assigning Recommending Officers (RO) and the Approving Officers (AO)

Select one option on how the RO/AO are to be assigned in the company.


1. This will allow the users to select their own Recommending and Approving officers from anyone in the company.

2. This will allow the users to select their own Recommending officer, anyone from the company. The Approving Officers however, are pre-defined. The Leave Admin will need to select the AOs beforehand.

3. This is a pre-defined RO/AO option, Leave Admin will need to select whoever will need to be ROs and/or AOs.

4. This will allow the Leave Admin to assign specific Recommending and Approving Officers on an employee level. 

Recommending Officers (RO) and Approving Officers (AO) Settings

Put a tick beside each option that you would like to enable for your system


1. Whether to allow the AO/RO to view staff leave details

2. Whether the AO/RO can take leave on behalf of the staff. Note that when a block leave is invoked by the AO/RO, the approval progress is no longer required

3. Whether the AO/RO can cancel leave on behalf of staff

4. If you allow the AO/RO to approve the leave application through email instead of having to login to their Justlogin accounts


Leave Calendars

Other Policies allows administrators to decide on policies such as whether the staff can see each other’s calendars, the use of external calendar as well as the rounding policies.

Put a tick whether you allow the staff to see the leave application details of their colleagues. Normally, we will not set this to Yes as they will see the leave entitlement of others


The leave system can pipe the approved leave to either Google Calendar or Outlook calendar if you wish the system to do so. To do that, enter the email address of the calendar as shown below


Leave Calendar Sharing Policy

Select the calendar sharing options


The first option is that everyone in the company can see their colleagues and their own calendars. The second calendar is limiting to only people within the same department can see each other calendars. The third option limits the user to see their own calendars only.

Round Up Leave Balance Display

Select the rounding policy for your company. The rounding policy is to help round up the leave balances which makes it easier to see as opposed to the leave in long decimal formats. 


If ticked, the system will not apply the rounding policy to other leave types such as Marriage/Maternity/Compassionate

Leave Email Notifications

Put a tick beside each option that you would like to enable for your system

1. Whether the Leave Administrator shall receive an email if the leave information of the user such as Entitlement or Balances has changed
2. If you want the employees to receive an email notification every time there is an adjustment made for them manually
3. Set the number of days the AO/RO will receive reminders of pending leave approvals that they have yet to approve. Note that the system will 1 reminder per day per applicant


This section will show new features on the Leave Module that you can enable. To know more about Advanced settings, please go through the details below

Hourly Leave

Put a tick if you allow employees to apply for leave in hours – this will allow your staff to apply for a leave based on hours, instead of days only. If this is enabled, please indicate the number of hours that is equivalent to one working day



Enable Off-in-Lieu Request – this will allow the staff to request for any OT rendered to be converted into a leave type. This works independently from the Attendance module. You can indicate an auto-expiry for such requests and a notification whenever the leave expires to be sent



Enable Adjustment with Expiry – this function will allow the administrator to credit leaves with expiry to the staff via adjustment.


Overtime Leave

Overtime leave will Expire ___ month(s) after approval – this option is integrated with the Attendance module. If enabled and staff requests for their OT to be converted into a leave type on the Attendance module, the Leave system will automatically set an expiry date for such requests


Employee on Leave Email Settings

Put a tick on this option if you want to send daily reminder who are the employees on leave


AND NOTE: For any changes to the Configuration, please do not forget to click on  mceclip38.png.

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