My Leave - Apply Leave

You will have the options applying for leave either from the mobile app or through their computer. This article will run through how one can apply for your leave through the computer. 


Step 1: You will need to login to Justlogin

Step 2: Click on mceclip0.png

Step 3: Click on mceclip1.png. You will see themceclip2.png page.

Step 4: Select the leave you want to apply


Step 5: Select the date 


To change it to half-day leave, slide the mceclip5.pngto becomemceclip9.png


Step 6: You can check the number of days appliedmceclip1.png


Step 7: (Optional) Should you wish to copy other employee/s regarding the leave application, you may input their email address into this fieldmceclip2.png

Step 8: Depending on the setup by the leave administrator, some leaves might require you to have remarks while some don't


Step 9: Check whether the Recommending Officer (Optional) and the Approving Officer name is there. If you see this mceclip5.png icon, the system is allowing you to choose a pre-defined list of RO and AO. 




Step 10: Click on mceclip5.png and select accordingly


Step 11: Click on mceclip9.png 

Step 12: Click onmceclip10.pngto submit the leave application


Step 13: You can check your leave balance by looking at this portion on your leave application form



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