Administration - Block Leave

Leave Administrator can make use of block leave to apply for a leave on behalf of the entire company, department, or individual staff.  Block leave will bypass the approval process and will do the required deduction accordingly.

The steps to doing a block leave are:

Step 1: Click on leave.png

Step 2: Click on admin.png

Step 3: Click on block_leave.png tab at the top

Step 4: Select whom you wish the leave you wish to apply for at


Step 5: Select the leave type for the block leave, if the Leave type is not found here check this article


Step 6: Enter the date range for the block leave


Step 7: (Optional) You can use the CC List field to choose the names of whom you would like to be informed about the block leave that the staff is taking. NOTE: Block leaves are automatically approved and do not go through the normal approval process.


Step 8: (Optional) Enter remarks. Remarks input here can help to remind you why you are applying for leave on behalf of the staff.


Step 9: Choose the name/s of the staff you are doing a block leave for by putting a tick beside their names.


Step 10: Click onmceclip12.pngto apply the Block Leave.


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