Administration - Setup Approvers

You can set up expense forms approvers for each employee individually through the Setup Approvers feature. 

The steps are as follows: 

Step 1: Click on blobid0.png


Step 2: Click on blobid1.png


Step 3: Click on mceclip0.png


Step 4: Select the form that you wish to set the approving people at   


Step 5: If you want to set the approving party for one user or names that contain a certain character, you can type in the keyword search at   


 Step 6: Click on the blobid5.png and the system will list out all the users whose names contain the characters that stated in the keyword search. 



Step 7: You can then go to the individual columns to set the approvers. Click on the  blobid7.png and the system will display the list of users. 



Step 8: Select the person for each of the roles and then click on the blobid9.png and the person will be assigned to the role specified. 

Step 9 (Optional) To remove the assigned person from that role, click on theblobid10.pngbutton and the system will prompt you with this message. 



 Click Yes to delete to confirm deletion. 


Step 10:  If you have an approving person that will be the approving person for a group or all users, you can click on the arrow to select everyone first. 


Step 11: Select the role you want to set for this approving person 



Step 12: Click on blobid14.png


Step 13: A list of users will appear. Select the person you want to set as the approving role for all. 



Step 14: Click on blobid16.png

Step 15: Notice that the user you selected will automatically be filled up for all the selected users 



Step 16: To delete the approving person from all the selected users, click on the tick box as shown. 


Step 17: Select the role you want to delete for this approving person 



Step 18:  Click on the blobid21.png. The system will display the following message 




Step 19: Click on Yes to confirm the deletion and the approving person will be removed from all the users. 


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